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    About us

    For the human factor of IT service excellence

    ExperienceIT group offers an organizational development portfolio designed specifically for the IT services industry. It consists of training programs, coaching, personality diagnostics, career counseling and organizational development consultancy to improve the performance of each individual and the entire organization. We developed unique solutions to prepare our clients to meet challenges of the present and the future.

    Learn more about our working principals, training programms, services and find your development path with us.

    Our Principles

    Bring your own case

    Participants work on their own job-related challenges instead of an irrelevant case study with a fictious company from a different industry.

    Learn from your own experience

    Training courses are based on the experiential learning cycle described by David Kolb, empowering participants to immediately apply what they have just learnt.


    We build a safe environment where participants can safely experiment with different techniques and behaviors and reflect on the outcomes.

    Assess readiness of target group

    Ensure management and participants are committed to the development program and meet prerequisites to avoid wasting of time and money.

    Defined contribution to business results

    Ensure all stakeholders understand how the outcome of the development activity will contribute to business value generation.

    Ensure changes are persistent

    We ensure through coaching and follow-up sessions that new techniques and behaviors just learned remain effective and old ways of working do not return.

    Deliver measurable benefits

    During training delivery and follow-up we ensure that development activities meet previously agreed objectives.

    Meet Our Team

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    The ExperienceIT Group

    We offer an organizational development portfolio designed specifically for the IT services industry.

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