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    Effective risk management can bring far-reaching benefits to all organizations. It is likely to improve performance through more efficient use of resources, reduction in management time spent firefighting, increased likelihood of better service delivery or change initiatives being achieved. The use of effective risk management can lead to more successful projects and services. This course provides candidates with sufficient knowledge and understanding to contribute to the identification, assessment and control of risks across any organizational perspective. The course prepares candidates to take the Foundation qualification, which is a pre-requisite for the Practitioner qualification. Theoretical knowledge is reinforced through practical exercises based on real-life scenarios.


    Target Audience

    The M_o_R® Foundation course is suitable for any organization or individual seeing the need for guidance on a controlled approach to identification, assessment and control risk at strategic, programme, project and operational perspectives.


    Course Content

    • Threats, opportunities and issues
    • The main elements of the M_o_R® framework
    • M_o_R® principles
    • M_o_R® approach documents
    • M_o_R® process
    • Identify Context, Risks
    • Assess – Estimate, Evaluate
    • Plan
    • Implement
    • Communicate
    • Embedding and Review
    • M_o_R® perspectives
    • Tools and techniques
    • Risk Specialisms
    • Sample exam

    M_o_R Foundation Course Information

    • Basics

      Duration:           3 days 

      Format:             50% lecture, 30% exam preparation, 20% practice

      Language:         English or Hungarian

      Exam type:        Closed book

      Questions:         70 (+5 trial, not scored) multiple choice

      Duration:           60 (+15) minutes

      Pass:                  50% (35 or more correct answers)

    • Prerequisites

      Service or project management experience is an advantage but not necessary.

    • Pricing

      Price includes classroom sessions, handout and pre-reading.

    • Further Learning

      • M_o_R® Practitioner

    Upcoming sessions

    08-10 May 2019

    About Exam Prep Courses

    Our exam preparation courses offer professionals a very efficient way to acquire globally recognized certifications for ITIL4®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile® and Management of Risk (M_o_R®). Our courses prepare to the Foundation and Practitioner levels of these qualifications and their content is continually aligned to the official syllabus. Though the focus is on helping students remembering what is required to pass the exams, theory is not only presented: it’s linked to practice during group and individual assignments. To eliminate or significantly reduce the time required for self-study our courses contain frequent summaries, essential elements of the exam syllabus are highlighted in the handout and several creative exercises help candidates remember the learning content necessary to pass the exams.

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