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More than training. More than coaching. More than consultancy.
We offer a complex, unique learning experience which enables candidates to acquire instantly applicable skills and organizations to make the change measurable and lasting.

What we offer

For organizations

For organizations

For organizations we offer unique solutions in order to set a complex respond to the needs of the specific organization.

For teams

For teams

We offer unique and complex solutions for teams working together in order to respond to the most important challanges of the specific team.



For individuals

For individuals

We offer open enrollment courses and a special programme called Service Management Excellence.
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Who we are


ExperienceIT group offers an organizational development portfolio designed specifically for the IT services industry.
It consists of training programs, coaching, personality diagnostics, career counseling and organizational development consultancy to improve the performance of each individual and the entire organization.

We developed unique solutions to prepare our clients to meet challenges of the present and the future.


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