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About us

About ExperienceIT Group

ExperienceIT group offers an organizational development portfolio designed specifically for the IT services industry. It consists of training programs, coaching, personality diagnostics, career counseling and organizational development consultancy to improve the performance of each individual and the entire organization. We developed unique solutions to prepare our clients to meet challenges of the present and the future.

Learn more about our working principals, training programms, services and find your development path with us.

Why us? - A unique learning experience

Currently only ExperienceIT Group offers a learning experience which blends the best from known training and coaching methods. Standard, theoretical exam preparation courses like ITIL or PRINCE2 are sometimes useful on their own, as well as generic soft-skill development programs, for example communication and conflict handling.


However, we offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution: instead of spending weeks on standard training courses from various providers, candidates can acquire instantly applicable skills in short, focused development programs, which are designed for their job role and tailored to the specific needs of the organization.


In order to maximize value from investment into developing your staff and make the change measurable and lasting we ensure that

· management and participants are committed to the development program and meet prerequisites,

· all stakeholders understand how the outcome of the development activities contributes to business value

· and participants are able and motivated to apply new knowledge immediately.


This makes our services micro-scale organizational development (OD) engagements. Our training methods and follow-up ensure that old ways of working do not return, new techniques and behaviors just learned remain effective help achieving previously agreed business objectives.

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