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Agile PM Techniques


Our Agile Project Management Techniques training course fills a gap in project management training curriculums: it helps adapting popular frameworks to create or maintain organization-specific implementations of agile project management. Instead of theory and exam preparation, the focus is on the application of the various techniques. Participants work on their real-life case studies, immediately putting theory into practice. In most of the time they are involved in role-play or group exercises with reviews and retrospectives, continually practicing agile behaviors. For written exercises, participants are provided with a workbook with templates. The course also helps in applying PRINCE2 Agile, PMI Agile Practice Guide, Scrum or any other framework by connecting theoretical knowledge and adapting best practices to create or improve company specific techniques, behaviors and activities.


Target Audience

• Project managers
• Agile team members
• Project members
• Board members
• Project assistants


Course Content

• Pre-reading
• Complexity of the environment
• Business Case in an agile project
• Lean startup
• User story mapping
• Work/Product Breakdown Structure
• MVP and product backlog
• Rich communication
• Use of the Kanban method
• Quality Management
• Managing releases and sprints
• Scrum basics
• Agile development roles
• Risk Management
• Change Management
• Measurement and control, burn charts
• Measuring organizational agility
• Tailoring PM methodologies

Agile PM Techniques Course Information

  • Basics

    Duration:           3 days 

    Format:             25% lecture, 75% practice

    Language:         English or Hungarian

    Exam type:        nr

    Questions:         nr

    Duration:           nr

    Pass:                 nr

  • Prerequisites

    • Project management experience
    • Knowledge of PRINCE2/PMBOK or any other project management framework is an advantage but not required

  • Pricing

    Price includes classroom sessions, handout and pre-reading.

  • Further Learning

    • PRINCE2 Agile courses
    • Management of Risk (M_o_R)
    • Transition Management

Upcoming sessions

16-18 October 2019

About Customized Training Courses

Our customized training courses are adapted to the requirements of our customers to fulfill previously defined and agreed learning objectives. They consist of candidate or manager interviews, pre-reading, short theoretical modules followed by practical assignments and group exercises. There are follow-up sessions a few months after the classroom session. Though the content of some courses is linked to internationally recognized best practice frameworks like PMBOK, ITIL©, M_o_R© or PRINCE2©, it is not a prerequisite to hold any of these certificates and these courses are not intended to prepare to these exams. They rather focus on the behaviors and techniques of applying knowledge, skills or best practice frameworks in practice.

ITIL4®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, M_o_R® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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